Ebook Arrow, Nanowrimo, and other updates!

Many things have been happening around here at home base, starting first and foremost with a promotional blitz I’ve been planning. While last years Nanowrimo project is in Query land, I’ve been attempting to boost some sales numbers via signing up for a variety of wonderful promotional e-mail list sites. One of these such sites, Ebook Arrow, has been kind enough to offer me a listing, and I just wanted to gush about them for a moment.

First things first – If you haven’t heard of Ebook Arrow, click HERE!

It’s a fantastic website that supports a variety of authors who break their backs to get their work in your hands! All you need to do is sign up with your email address and preferred genre’s and VOILA, you get regular emails about some great books you might be interested in (and their links on kindle as well).

Go out there and support them by signing up. You can read the rest of my post later.

No really, open a new tab and plug in your info because they’re awesome. 🙂

Second off, I’ve been trapped in Nanowrimo land for the last few weeks (and actually preparing for it for the two months prior) but I am finally seeing some fruits from my work.

Writers Digest was kind enough to include me in their series on how to survive Nanowrimo, so if you’re interested you can see Cris Freese’s posts HERE

I’m particularly proud of a few encouraging tidbits that i might have to keep and share later with you all.

And last but not least, I will get back into the blogging flow come December 1st, so be on the lookout for that wondrous time (which should include some samples of the new book as well)! You are all lovely and amazing people! Have a wonderful night!


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