Today, a promise – Tomorrow amnesia

Maybe you’re something like me.

Maybe you decide on a thing, a right thing, a good thing, and you have every intention of following through with it.

Maybe you start right. You make a promise to yourself and you even declare it to the rest of the world. Accountability is good, right?

You tell yourself things like –

It doesn’t need to be new years to make a resolution.

Or –

Every good habit begins one good decision at a time.

But this got me thinking, why is it that my life is filled with forgotten promises? At what point, after how many missed good decisions, do I begin to give up and pretend the promise was never made?

If you’re anything like me, this has happened to you too.

Our lives are filled with words and talking. We spread them around and we spit them out like they are so very important. We expect everyone around us to listen to our babbling and we want them to be moved by it – compelled, inspired. Even as I write this I can see someone being compelled.

And then we’re angry when the world isn’t compelled, isn’t inspired, because we worked hard at something for a split second and we didn’t make a cool million off our idea or our divined brilliance.

My point is a simple one.

Maybe instead of making many promises, instead of using many words to describe the many deeds we will do, and overstraining ourselves – maybe we should focus on one promise. Maybe this promise doesn’t need to be declared to the heavens or to the gods or to the twitterverse (which some seem to think is both).

Instead, lets keep a promise for once. And lets keep it with all the bumps in the road that will come. Let’s keep a promise that is hidden in our heart, and face off against the lingering doubt. Let’s celebrate when we stumble and fall and fail to keep our promise because we’re learning. Let’s not get discouraged when it doesn’t work, and let’s not let doubt creep in and take hold and drive us apart from our goal.

I propose we only make the promises we can keep. And when we find ourselves teetering on the edge of everything, we hold on to that one promise. We hold on to that one positive change we picked among all the changes we could have made.

I say death to amnesia. Because who can forget one promise?


Ebook Arrow, Nanowrimo, and other updates!

Many things have been happening around here at home base, starting first and foremost with a promotional blitz I’ve been planning. While last years Nanowrimo project is in Query land, I’ve been attempting to boost some sales numbers via signing up for a variety of wonderful promotional e-mail list sites. One of these such sites, Ebook Arrow, has been kind enough to offer me a listing, and I just wanted to gush about them for a moment.

First things first – If you haven’t heard of Ebook Arrow, click HERE!

It’s a fantastic website that supports a variety of authors who break their backs to get their work in your hands! All you need to do is sign up with your email address and preferred genre’s and VOILA, you get regular emails about some great books you might be interested in (and their links on kindle as well).

Go out there and support them by signing up. You can read the rest of my post later.

No really, open a new tab and plug in your info because they’re awesome. 🙂

Second off, I’ve been trapped in Nanowrimo land for the last few weeks (and actually preparing for it for the two months prior) but I am finally seeing some fruits from my work.

Writers Digest was kind enough to include me in their series on how to survive Nanowrimo, so if you’re interested you can see Cris Freese’s posts HERE

I’m particularly proud of a few encouraging tidbits that i might have to keep and share later with you all.

And last but not least, I will get back into the blogging flow come December 1st, so be on the lookout for that wondrous time (which should include some samples of the new book as well)! You are all lovely and amazing people! Have a wonderful night!